Welcome to Casa Licerio

A Taste of Home for weary Pilgrims

Avenida Compostela, 44

Samos - Galicia - Spain

Camino de Santiago



Casa Licerio has capacity for 10 guests in 4 private rooms with private bathrooms.

The Pilgrims' Room is available for guests to relax, read and share stories.


15€ for a bed in a shared room - max 3 beds - ask for "dormitorio rate"
30€ for a single room
50€ for a double room
60€ for a triple room


Once your Camino plans become more clear, feel free to notify us in advance of your arrival.

Use the form below or email CasaLicerio@gmail.com


Wifi is available in all rooms

Coffee and tea are available all day in the Pilgrims' Room

Laundry services are complimentary - machine wash and dry

Join us for a complimentary tapas hour each evening at 6 as an opportunity to get to know fellow pilgrims and share stories.



Come find us at KM 129 on the Camino de Santiago, between Triacastela and Sarria on the "alternative" route


A quiet moment on the "Paseo de Malecon"

A quiet moment on the "Paseo de Malecon"

A true gem on the Camino de Santiago

Samos is a stop not to be missed. The Monastery, which has roots dating back to the 9th century, offers daily tours (every hour on the half hour starting at 9:30 until 6:30 - except 2:30) as well as a Pilgrim's Mass following a short Vesper Service in Gregorian Chant every evening at 7:30.  

Many pilgrims miss the glorious "Paseo de Malecon" (a river walk) that passes around the east of Samos.  From the Monastery Albergue, cross the street and turn right past the bridge.  Take the stairs below the sign "Paseo de Malecon" and follow the river around the bend.  (Careful, the stones can be slippery at times.)  Find your spot to sit and watch the peaceful river pass by.  Once you cross the bridge again, you will see a tiny chapel which dates back to the 9th Century and the famous cyprus tree alongside the chapel.  Legend has it that if you hug this tree, you will arrive to Santiago without hurting feet! 

And I might be biased, but the panaderia in Samos has the best chocolate croissants ("napolitanas") on the Camino!

So, as you leave Triacastela, choose Samos and the road to the left. Casa Licerio is on the Camino as you walk away from the Monastery 200 meters, directly across from Garza Supermercado.

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